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I will always be grateful.

Abigail Villaraza

I was visiting the US to attend a wedding. After which I fell very ill and was diagnosed as having endo-carditis (an inflamation of the heart that causes an infection to spread throughout the blood stream). The doctors were unsure of how I had contracted it. They suspected a spider had bitten me during the outdoor wedding reception. I had to undergo a month of intravenous anti-biotics. My body utilized so much energy to fight the infection, and as a result, I suffered from muscle atrophy making me practically unable to use my volunatry muscles. I could hardly lift a glass of water, much less walk.

This was for me a very frightening experience as I have always been very athletic. I was convinced that I would never be able to play sports ever again. I underwent a one month physical therapy programme with Carissa in which we painstakingly worked each of my muscle groups. Carissa was very patient with me and her encouragement helped me through the toughest times of recovery.

The programme was very specific and progressive. Slowly, I began to regain my strength and I improved from lifting plastic bottles of water to lifting actual weights. By the time the programme was over, I was walking again, performing normal everyday activities that most of us take for granted. I was also able to move my arms freely whereas before I was compltely unable to lift my left arm no matter how much I willed it to move.

Before I knew it, I was back at the gym, practising yoga, and enjoying an active lifestyle. Without Carissa's help and dedication to my recovery, I doubt I would have regained my former fitness level so fully and rapidly. And for this, I will always be grateful.

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Like Angels from Heaven...

Alex Kahl

Carissa Suarez and her staff at Pillars Physical Therapy are like angels from heaven for people with bodies that need some attention! I'm on computer 10 hours a day 5 days a week, and i've had knee surgery, and they always manage to get rid of my pain and get me into shape. Highly recommended!

And I posted it also at insiderpages.com.

Alex Kahl
Kahl Consultants
Small Biz Web Services

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Making it possible...

Devon R. Schutzler

Good morning.

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you and your staff for making it possible for me to continue to finish out my season. My knee is feeling much better and probably will be even better now that I can actually rest it.

As luck turned out I went 5 for my last 6 with 5 RBI's and the Monterey Seals team I am on won the championship.

Please find attached a picture of the team.

Take care.

Devon R. Schutzler
Assistant Materials Manager
ABX Engineering

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People who set the tone of warmth and caring for me.

Chuck Hamilton

I am a patient who had a total knee replacement on August 30. I had to have a manipulation done on October 6, about a month later because I didn't gain enough flexibility with the first surgery. I made a point of starting private physical therapy with Pillars Physical Therapy on October 11 five days after the manipulation surgery.

I consider the fifteen treatments, at three times a week with Pillars Physical Therapy the most important decision that I had to make in my recovery period. I had Kaiser with one appointment a week, but this was not enough time or "hands on" therapy to put me on the road to recovery. Pillars Physical Therapy greeted me with a cheerful reception on my first visit and set the tone of warmth and caring for me.

My first impressions of Pillars Physical Therapy and Wellness Center was:

Clean and neat facilities.
Up to the time modern equipment.
Three wonderful therapist who worked with me on each and every visit.
A delightful receptionist who always had a smile and a warm greeting for me.

My decision to take physical therapy at Pillars was "Money well spent." I recommend this center to anyone who needs immediate treatment.

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I was very comfortable and happy.

Wai Law

I have never had physical therapy before and was referred to Pillars Physical Therapy by my orthopedic surgeon. I had a dislocated shoulder and it was very painful and stiff. No operation was suggested because of my age and I had to get better with just physical therapy.

I did a few treatments and my shoulder felt better. The pain and stiffness went away. I was taught exercises and was given handouts so I can follow and do the exercises at home. It was very helpful.

The therapist and the staff are very nice. I was very comfortable and happy to come to the clinic.

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This keeps me going and doing the things I want to do.

Loyal Sutton

After a 35 day stay in the hospital for spinal surgery with complications, I arrived at Pillars Physical Therapy barely able to walk with the aide of a walker.

There followed a series of treatments expertly applied by Carissa, augmented by a regimented exercise program.

Soon I was able to shed the walker and graduated to a cane, which I still use more for balance than anything else.

I much appreciate Carissa's caring expertise and thoughtfulness, and that of her staff, as my mobility continues to improve.

I continue to go to Pillars Physical Therapy as part of my maintenance program for myself. This keeps me going and doing the things I want to do.

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The kindness, caring and friendliness of the staff makes it easier for anyone to recuperate faster.

Monsour del Rosario

While filming a Hong Kong Kung Ku Fu movie, I hurt myself doing a stunt fight scene. I was strapped on harness15 feet off the ground doing a sword fight with a stunt man when the harness snapped and both the stunt man and myself fell straight to the ground. I landed on the right side of my body, was in and out of consciousness and was immediately rushed to the hospital. After several examinations and tests, I was told that I had fractured several discs in my lower back. Doctors told me to lay off all my physical and sports activities for 9 months and to go to physical therapy 5 times a week if I wanted to be cured. Surgery was an option but I refused it. I did not want to take that risk and instead opted for more conservative measures.

I was doing PT in the Philippines 5x a week then I went to the US for a 2-month vacation and had physical therapy at Pillars Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. I was happy to know that they had all the necessary tools and equipment needed for my therapy and was more than I expected. The kindness, caring and friendliness of the staff makes it easier for anyone to recuperate faster. I am so pleased with my experience-it was a pleasurable and fun. Ultimately, my back got better, the fracture fused and the pain went away.

Although I continue to wear a back brace when I work out with heavy weights, my trunk muscles have regained its former strength. I also learned new exercise and stretching techniques including shoulder exercises which have benefited my formerly busted shoulder as a result from sparring, weights, and boxing. From time to time, when there are flare-ups, I visit Pillars Physical Therapy and Wellness Center to get treatment and learn new exercises.

Today, I am still able to do all the activities I usually do including: taekwondo, boxing, Arnis (Filipino marital arts), basketball, golf, swimming, wake boarding, wind surfing, jet skiing, motocrossing, beach volleyball, among others.

Monsour del Rosario
Seoul 1998 Olympian and 1985 World Taekwondo Champion
Film and TV Actor, Philippines
Taekwondo Instructor and Coach for Philippine National Team
Marketing Director, PEAK Martial Arts Equipment

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Physical Therapy was not scary at all and it ended up being very good for me.

Anjeli Alano

My name is Anjeli but they call me Angel for short. I am 7 years old and I am in 2nd grade. I was born with a condition known as Fibrous Displasia. One day as I was playing, I fell down and broke my left femur. I needed surgery and was in the hospital for 3 days. When I went home, I could not walk. My parents had to carry me everywhere or push me in a wheelchair. My sisters also had to help me with the other things I could not do. After some time I was crawling to get around.

When my parents brought me to Pillars Physical Therapy, I was in a wheelchair, my whole leg was hurting and I could not even straighten my knee. I was afraid to stand up, walk and fall down again. I went to physical therapy three times a week and little by little I was walking better. As my legs were getting stronger, I was less afraid. I started using a walker then a cane then was walking without any assist in the treadmill. I was given many exercises that were fun to do. My twin sister Danyelle also came from time to time and joined me in the exercises. It was more fun that way.

Now I am back to school and walking without any help. Sometimes when I am tired, I still limp. I cannot run yet but soon I will be able to and will also be able to go back to ballet classes. Physical Therapy was not scary at all and it ended up being very good for me.

Thank you very much.

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They were very nice in accommodating my sched.

David L

I had an accident about a year or two ago and they were new at that time. Jay took care of all my claim issues and Carissa was just the nicest person ever. I didn't need that much attention and I thought I was amply attended. They had those electrical stimulator things and some weights. In all I think I only needed a few days of therapy and they were very nice in accommodating my schedule.

I also posted my review on Yelp Website.

David L
Yelp Website Member

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It was an excellent therapeutic experience.


I was successfully rehabilitated from bilateral bunionectomy and hammer toe repair after I went to Pillars Physical Therapy, whose staff treated me with personalized care. They were all courteous and hard workers. I was in a wheelchair then progressed to a cane then with great improvements from the therapy, I was able to walk in a normal fashion. Treatments were deeply detailed with no rush of time. They made my schedule flexible based on my needs and time of availability. It was an excellent therapeutic experience and I highly recommend them to family and friends who need rehabilitation.

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They do not push you to the limit. They push you to what you can accomplish.


When I first came to Pillars for my Physical Therapy, I was having a lot of problems with my right knee. I was having difficulty walking and standing for long periods of time. I now feel so much better. I can't believe it myself how improved my knee is.

The people here are great, they make you feel so comfortable and they treat you according to what you can do. They do not push you to the limit. They push you to what you can accomplish.

Thank you.

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A job well done.

Fernando Abad Jr.

My father, Fernando Abad Sr., was under Carissa's care as his personal physical therapist.

He was 96 years old and can be stubborn and difficult to care for until Ms. Suarez was recommended to our family.

The weekly visits had a great effect and changed him mentally and physically. He did his exercises twice a day, would walk daily and his appetite improved considerably.

Ms. Suarez did an excellent job rehabilitating my dad mentally and physically.

The family express their gratitude to her for a job well done.

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I am very grateful for their help and guidance.

Romeo Deveza

I was a patient at Pillars Physical Therapy and Wellness Center on May 2007. I first heard about them from my nephew who works at a physician’s office at Seton Hospital in Daly City.

On January 6, 2007, I got into a car accident and broke my left leg. When it was time to go for rehabilitation, I asked my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Shabi Khan, about this place. He said go ahead and enroll there because he has many patients that have been over and they are doing well.

The first two weeks of my appointment, I came in a wheelchair and my wife had to assist me with everything. At first the workout was a little hard but as time went by and with their help, my confidence and courage got better. I went from using a wheelchair to forearm crutches to a cane. Today I am walking fine without any assist.

I personally want to thank all the staff most specially Carissa and Lito for their patience and kindness for making me a good patient. I am very grateful for their help and guidance. They gave me a comprehensive home exercise program, which I still continue to do on a daily basis. With hope and prayers I am sure I can be a better ballroom dancer!

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I find myself feeling much better than before.

Simon Lau

I am 89 years old, a patient with low-back pain due to the degenerative change in my lumbar spine for many years.

Since I came to Pillars Physical Therapy for treatment, I find myself feeling much better than before. The electric heat compress and massage really helped me a lot.

Now, I would like to give my thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to all the technicians and staff of Pillars Physical Therapy.

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